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Wood saws

Parallel guided crosscut package saw

One saw unit – many combinations!

The package saw unit PC120 offers you the possibility to configure your installation according to your needs and the space available.

How do your requirements look like?

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Smart Solutions

PRINZ Smart Solutions are optimal solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises who meet high requirements and facilitate economic cutting.

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Arch guided crosscut package saws

PRINZ crosscut package saws with arch guided cutting equipment bridge the gap between portable saws and saws with a parallel guide frame.

With the travelling saw, they offer a very space saving solution and the robust guiding arch guarantees a high cutting accuracy of +/- 2mm .

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Mobile Saws

Mobile cross-cut saws by Prinz are highly mobile and universal. They are the ideal entry-level model for efficient cross-cutting of ends and cutting through round timber and stacks. Easy to manoeuvre, they provide a convenient alternative to one man saws. With the right Prinz cutting equipment, they always guarantee the best cut results for all your applications.

PRINZ saws are all built in a rugged execution for an optimum life span.

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Cross-cut saws for round timber

PRINZ cross-cut saws for round timber are ideal for integrating into your log yard. The modular system allows to devise individual solutions to exactly meet your particular requirements.

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Kits for saw projects

Cutting kits in reliable PRINZ-chainsaw technology are available for individual projects. Individual and simple.

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Cutting equipments and accessories