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Sprocket & Pulley

As the other parts of the cutting equipment, PRINZ chain drive sprockets and pulleys are home-made products. Those parts are available for nearly all common brands and types on the market. For other types, please ask us!


Suitable for:

  • Proficut Light and Strong
  • Logstar and Logstar Kombi
  • Uniblock (with PMS guide bar)

Prinz 120

Suitable for:

  • Prinz 120
  • PC 120
  • Ultracut
  • Cutstar

DSH Umbau

Suitable for:

  • Dolmar machines

ES 121

Suitable for:

  • Holtec crosscut saws


Suitable for:

  • Logsplitter

Super 6

Suitable for:

  • 2 man saw