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CUTSTAR – 11 kW was developed for a precise and economic cutting of packages up to 6 m length. The parallel-guided cutting unit fulfils the highest requirements of cutting accuracy and the compact design allows a space-saving set up.

  • Saw motor 11 kW
  • Cut feed electric
  • For packages up to 600 x 120 x 120 cm (L x W x H)
  • Single cut cycle
  • Automatic saw positioning or via touch panel
  • 10 lengths can be stored
  • Reinforced package frame
  • Automatic fixing of the saw unit on the package frame
  • Easy installation and commissioning in 2 days

Technical Data

Power saw motor: 11 kW
Motor/Engine electric
Standard package size (width x height): 120 x 120 cm
Cut feed: continuous saw feed (optionally adjustable on the motor current or stepless through potentiometer)
Guiding of the cut: on both sides
Direction of cut: from top to bottom
Saw type: package is positioned on frame / saw unit  moves
Chain types: scraper chain / carbide tipped chain
Guide bar: Special hard faced edge
Digital length measuring: yes
Control system: single cut cycle
Application: cycle controlled process with highest cutting accuracy
Optionen: down holders
package lift
laser light for cut position
safety curtains
remote maintenance
conveyors for waste removal
safety fence for package frame
output for 3 kW-contactor
special painting