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Diamond wire saw


PRINZ Diamond wire saw XtraCut

When doing diamond wire sawing there is almost no limitation regarding the hardness and structure of the brickwork.

Also the thickness, of the walls that need to be cut, does not matter, since a closed, circulating cable loop carries out the cutting process and through an individually attachable angle sheave system just about every corner of a building can be reached, assuming that the brickwork is accessible from both sides.

Diamond wire saws can be put to use, where conventional chain saws have reached their performance limit. The diamond wire saw can also be put to profitable use for the cutting of concrete and steel concrete (door or window openings).

Diamantseil Mauerwerk

diamond wire masonry

diamond wire 11,5mm for cutting every type of masonry.

Technical Data

Wire drive   400V/ 4kW
Cart drive   400V/ 0,18kW
Fuse   3 x 32A
Wire speed   ca. 19m/sec (+/-40%), automatic feed
Spocket   400mm or 500mm
Length/ Width/ Height   1600mm, 600mm, 730mm
Weight kgs   200

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